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Donate Funds

How to Donate:

The Sixth Street Shelter provides a fully furnished apartment for families facing homelessness, in addition to supportive services for financial planning, parenting resources, and much more. All guests who leave our program are set up for success and encouraged to take their supplies with them through the transition to permanent housing.



The amounts listed below reflect the estimated cost of serving our guests for different lengths of time, including supportive case management services or preparing an apartment for a new family to move in. Whether it is helping for a day, month, or year, we invite you to partner with us by sponsoring one of our 25 apartments at a level that is meaningful to you.

Individual Sponsorship Benefits

 We provide our families with fully stocked and furnished apartments. By equipping our guests with these essentials, we enable them to save more effectively, thereby assisting them in securing permanent housing. The items supplied to each apartment include pots and pans, cleaning supplies, personal care products, household goods, kitchen equipment, children's items, and more.

Necessities Sponsor: $575
Fully stock an apartment for a family move-in!

Paint Can Sponsor: $375

Paint an apartment to prepare a family for move-in !

We prepare each apartment for its new family. Our volunteer team conducts a thorough cleaning, wipes down walls and fixtures, applies a fresh coat of paint, and carries out minor repairs. These efforts ensure that our apartments are "move-in" ready, allowing us to quickly welcome a new family.

Daily Services Sponsor: $125

Support a family for one day.

What does supporting a family for one day really mean? Each family in our program has access to a multitude of resources, including:

  • A fully furnished apartment

  • Utilities covered, including internet access

  • Case management services

  • Access to our Family Resources Center (FRC) where we provide homework help, resume writing, and a computer lab for parents. We also organize special events, parties, and cultural holiday celebrations for the children!

Become a Monthly Donor

Giving monthly is the most effective way to give. No matter the size of your donation, your gift ensures continued financial support of Sixth Street Shelter and empowers us to continue our work. Give today.

Your employer may be willing to match your donation! To find out, search for your employer at the bottom of our donation form.

For more information, contact:

Wendy Wright at

Give By Phone

Please call our Development Officer Wendy Wright at 484-821-2809.

Give By Mail

Please mail checks to: 

Community Action Lehigh Valley

1337 E Fifth St

Bethlehem, PA 18015

More Information

To receive a copy of your donation receipt, contact:

Wendy Wright at

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