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Jacqueline's Story

Jacqueline was a victim of domestic violence when she suddenly fell ill. With no support from her family and nowhere to turn, she knew she needed to escape. Fortunately, Sixth Street Shelter could provide her with everything she needed to become successful. After enrolling in a 2-year college program, setting up a savings account, and attending financial literacy and nutrition courses provided by the Shelter, Jacqueline felt she finally had the tools she needed to move forward. She now owns her own home in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and is an advocate for people experiencing homelessness.

Heidy's Story

After someone close betrayed her trust, Heidy and her children needed to find somewhere to live. During her 18 month stay at Sixth Street Shelter, Heidy attended school and work to support herself and her family. She now owns her own cleaning business in addition to owning and renting out property in Allentown. The Shelter empowered her to move forward with her life, and Heidy is grateful that her children have learned the life lesson that when life knocks you down, the only thing you can do is get back up again.


Chelsie's Story

Chelsie Morales was en route to Temple University with a full scholarship when she became pregnant. Without support from her family, she had nowhere to turn and was desperate to find a way to provide basic human needs for herself and her baby. After beginning her stay at the Sixth Street Shelter, a program of Community Action Lehigh Valley, Chelsea was able to support herself and her children. She now owns two successful businesses.

Videography: Marco Calderon, @calderonphoto

Testimonials by our Residents

"The Sixth Street Shelter made me an amazing mother and woman. They helped me when I was down. Ms. Robbie and Ms. Dominique made sure I was on my ten toes and that my kids were good."


"The Sixth Street Shelter was amazing. My caseworker Dominque helped me save money, make a budget, and find an apartment. I told her my family grew up in Whitehall, so that’s where I wanted to move. She said she would make that happen for me, and she did. Everyone at the Shelter, even the residents, were so nice to me and my family."

-Yajaira F.

"The Sixth Street Shelter pushed our family to do better and helped us learn how to manage money."


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