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Wellness Fridays

Healthy Lifestyle Programming

Wellness Fridays give our residents a safe space to speak with trained healthcare professionals who can offer suggestions and resolutions to their questions. Our Program Coordinators offer nutritional activities that engage children and teach valuable lessons on:

  • Medication

  • Immunizations

  • Nourishing food choices

  • The importance of rest

  • Limited screen time

  • Updated COVID information

  • Free vaccinations

  • Cooking classes

  • Testing vital signs

To encourage joy, happiness, play, and to share knowledge about nature and growing your own food, we have a safe playground and community garden. Our garden includes native plants to encourage multiple, important pollinators and fruit and vegetable plants. As produce grows in the garden and ripens, all individuals are welcome to pick and enjoy!

Wellness Fridays are made possible by collaboration with Highmark Wholecare and Wilkes University Pharmacy

and are held in our Family Resource Center.

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