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Adopt or Sponsor an Apartment

Which fits you?

These vital programs were created to meet the upkeep of one of our 25 shelter apartments by pairing your group with one apartment for 12 months. Each apartment houses an average of six families (with children) every year.

To provide our essential services to the community, for just one family to live at our shelter and utilize our critical resources for 30, 60, to 90 days, it costs $3,300, $7,000, AND $10,000! Most families stay for 60 to 90 days, or longer, if circumstances arise that are out of their control such as an illness, an unsafe home environment, economic tragedy, loss of a spouse, or eviction/foreclosure. With the ability to provide safe shelter, case management, and the resources necessary for families to succeed, the Shelter costs can quickly exceed our income.

Adopt an Apartment

Adopt an Apartment takes a more hands-on approach:


Throughout the year, group members help with apartment upkeep such as plumbing, minor repairs, painting, spring cleaning, and providing apartment supplies such as bedding, bathroom, houseware, and cleaning supplies. The program offers flexibility and is tailored to your group’s skills and availability.


Your group will receive a nameplate outside the apartment door.

To sponsor an apartment, contact our Development Officer, Wendy Wright at

Sponsor an Apartment

This is a $3,000 donation that goes to apartment interior needs including new appliances. Your individual, family, or organization name will have a customized nameplate outside the apartment door.

To sponsor an apartment, contact Wendy Wright at

Give By Phone

Give By Mail

More Information

Please call the Shelter at 610.435.1490

Please mail checks to:  
Sixth Street Shelter
219 North Sixth Street
Allentown, PA 18102

To receive a copy of your donation receipt, contact:

Wendy Wright at

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